A (acomicbookgirl) wrote in comicfangirls,

First Post

I've collected comics for years. Was once involved with an artist. Went to my first San Diego Comic Con this past July. Yet its only now that i'm comfortable in calling myself as a fan girl. I don't know why I was uncomfortable that in the past. I'm not hiding it anymore. :) I recently joined Livejournal and was looking for communities and discoverd this one. :)

Judd Winick is the reason why I fell in love with comics. It was George Perez who made me fall in love with Wonder Woman. It was Grant Morrison who made me fall in love with Emma Frost. Geoff Johns made DC less complicated like that.

I currently read The Outsiders, Teen Titans, Green Arrow, 52, Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Batman, Action Comics, Civil War, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Justice League of America, and my list goes on and on. At this point now, its more DC than Marvel.

In addition to my love for comics, I love to cook and watch movies as well..

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