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In the interest of talking about comics...

Because I have chronic health problems I tend to read a LOT of comics. I read everything from Marvel Adventures that I share with my kids to The Boys by Ennis and everything in between. This post is sort of a rant though about a book that I started reading a couple years ago mostly as fluff but has turned into a book that I'm pretty sure I'm going to take off my pull list because it pisses me off so much.

Let's face it. When I first started reading the She-hulk solo series by Dan Slott, I wasn't expecting it to be a feminist manifesto- and that's okay with me. Not every book I read has to make a statement. In my opinion, it started out as a pretty light hearted, decent book. While the cover was always the obligatory "cheesecake image," there was a cute plot, some funny dialogue and occasionally you even got some three dimensional characters. I also loved the way he integreated comics into the plotline and had her break the "third wall."

Now some of what follows here is totally my conjecture so please take it for what it is worth.

The writer then got the Thing solo series. Which I also started to read. Ever read a comic by a person who loved the character so much that they sucked at writing them? Er, yeah. After a few issues of Slott fanboying Ben Grimm the series was cancelled. At which point, the tone of She-Hulk started to change.

At first, I attributed it to a sort of corny Eros plot- Jen the attorney, drawing hearts and flowers all over her legal pad during a court proceding and needing her male counterpart to basically cover for her... it made me go mrrr? Yet it worked with that plot and I was like okay. That was dumb, but I get it. Few more issues go by and it gets progressively worse.

Now we are to the point where in the last two issues: (Ones which by the way carry the Banner Planet without a Hulk)

•She-Hulk had to call Doc Samson in the middle of a fight because she couldn't figure out how to get into the guys head on her own. Um... She's an attorney and she needs help arguing?

•This month not only did she need Wolverine to tell her how they are going to win the fight against the Wendigo, she was so distracted by his "nice tight little buttcheeks" that it appears she is more interested in laying Logan than actually doing her job. Then she makes a pass at him and when he turns her down because he "doesn't want Juggernaut's sloppy seconds" rather than being insulted at being described in such a way... she whines, "Why does everyone think I slept with him...." Um wait a damn minute.

First of all since when does She-Hulk, who in Avengers Disassembled, damn near kicked Cap's ass need help from a guy to hold her own in a fight- any fight? Second, what a blatant example of the "if a guy sleeps around he is a stud... but a woman with more than partner in her past is an utter slut." Hell, this makes it look like Jen is so sexually degraded she can't even be honest about her behavior. She has to lie about it.

These aren't the only examples of Slott being blatantly obnoxious toward women- Agent Cheesecake still has me gagging.... I suppose what bothers me the most about this book isn't just the fact that it is so blatant it's that I feel like the tone has changed so dramatically. What started out as a pretty cute, tongue in cheek book that I really like now has the tone of something sort of ugly and it's very disappointing.

On another note, Y: The Last man is coming to an end. Any thoughts on that?

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